Conservation & Livelihoods in Kenya’s South Rift

Conservation & Livelihoods in Kenya's South Rift

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African Conservation Centre’s (ACC) mission is to conserve biodiversity in East Africa and beyond through the collaborative application of scientific and indigenous knowledge, improved livelihoods and good governance through development of local institutions. Our work is focused primarily in four areas: the landscapes of Amboseli, Maasai Mara, Mukogodo/Laikipia and South Rift/Magadi. These areas span the richest region of vertebrate diversity in Africa and include over a third of all Kenya’s wildlife.

In this newsletter, we focus on the Magadi area of the South Rift. ACC and the Dutch Embassy in Kenya have worked with our partner the South Rift Association of Landowners and communities on the ground to diversify livelihoods and promote sustainable land management and conservation in this area.

ACC’s accomplishments in the South Rift include building Lale’enok Resource Centre, empowering women with trainings and enterprise support, water management trainings, funding community scouts to deter poaching and reduce conflict, developing a livestock breeding/husbandry project, development of a trans-border elephant and lion conservation program, rehabilitation of rangeland, support for tourism, support for Maasai cultural heritage and research support. We hope you enjoy these short stories about a few of our projects in the South Rift!


Lucy Waruingi
Executive Director, African Conservation Centre

Carolyn Greene
Executive Director, African Conservation Centre — US

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