New From the Field — Summer 2018

ACC News From the Field — Summer 2018
Amboseli National Park, Kenya; Photo by Harshil Gudka

News From the Field

Greetings from ACC & ACC-US!


Kenya has finally made it through the long-rainy season which began in March. The much needed rains have nourished the land, bringing water for people, vegetation, wildlife and livestock. After a sustained drought, we are grateful for the water but our hearts go out to the many communities impacted negatively by the floods and landslides.

The challenges of floods, drought, human/wildlife conflict and expanding human settlements are many but ACC’s ground-up approach that combines community knowledge and input with science is helping people and wildlife find ways to continue to coexist. By working with communities and many partners, ACC implements strategies that maintain and restore healthy ecosystems for the benefit of both people and wildlife.

We hope you enjoy reading about our progress below. Thank you for your continued support of our programs!


Lucy Waruingi
Executive Director, African Conservation Centre (ACC)

Carolyn Greene
Executive Director, African Conservation Centre-US (ACC-US)

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