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ACC From the Field Fall 2018

News From the Field

Dear Friends of ACC & ACC-US

FALL 2018

For more than 25 years, ACC has worked directly with communities – learning from them and sharing with them to conserve biodiversity. We believe local people are the most important stewards of the wildlife, land, water and their own livelihoods. Living with wildlife and a landscape that is changing due to climate change has many challenges. ACC works with communities to identify best practices to coexist with wildlife.

To conserve the diversity of life in Kenya, communities need a diversity of incomes. We invest in livestock producers, artisans, beekeepers, and community-owned ecotourism operations that are key to Kenya’s conservation efforts. It’s a win for wildlife and people!

In this newsletter, we highlight a pastoralist breeding bull program, our conservation safaris that directly support our programs and communities, and our dear, longtime staff member, Zippy Wanakuta, who has retired from ACC after 30 years!

Thank you for your continued support of our programs and for being part of our conservation team!


Lucy Waruingi
Executive Director,
African Conservation Centre (ACC)

Carolyn Greene
Executive Director,
African Conservation Centre US

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