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ACC - Fall 2019 News From the Field


FALL 2019

Biodiversity Conservation & Community-Based Climate Resilience

Dear Friends of ACC & ACC-US

Advising on international policy to protect endangered giraffes, working with communities to fight the climate crisis and enhance food and water security, and conserving biodiversity by restoring degraded landscapes are just a few of ACC’s recent activities!

To support some of these programs, we initiated two fundraising campaigns for projects that will increase our conservation impact: 1) The Maasai Giraffe Research and Conservation Program (MGRCP)—designed to protect this recently-designated endangered species; and 2) The expansion of our Nairobi office into a larger urban resource center for conservation. Our office building currently hosts six different conservation organizations, cooperatively sharing space, resources and knowledge. Creating more space will allow for more offices, trainings, collaboration and conservation successes. We hope you take a moment to read our stories of progress below and support these campaigns with a donation! You can also support our work by joining us on ACC-US’ highly acclaimed Tanzania Photo Safari in May 2020. A portion of the cost is tax-deductible and furthers our work.

We are truly grateful for your support—past and present. There is much to do and it helps to know you are partnering with us along the way! Thank you.

Lucy Waruingi
Executive Director,
African Conservation Centre (ACC)

Carolyn Greene
Executive Director,
African Conservation Centre US

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