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ACC-US Winter 2019 Newsletter


Happy New Year!

Dear Friends of ACC & ACC-US

We are grateful to all of our conservation partners—communities, organizations, foundations, and donors who have helped us reach important milestones this year!

ACC has worked to better understand the impacts of infrastructure on wildlife, people and the environment in Kenya; we’ve continued our ecosystem restoration programs; we’ve empowered pastoral women with new entrepreneurial skills; we’ve provided scientific data to a web portal that hosts a wealth of biodiversity information free for all to access; and we’ve helped to build the capacity of several grassroots conservation institutions.

We celebrate this work and are excited to build upon it with your continued support in 2020! Together we will help ensure a future that includes healthy, viable landscapes for wildlife and people.

Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday and a wonderful new year!

Thank you for your generous support.

Lucy Waruingi
Executive Director,
African Conservation Centre (ACC)

Carolyn Greene
Executive Director,
African Conservation Centre US

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