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Kenya Conservationist, David Western's New Book: We Alone. Buy on AmazonSmile and Support Community-Based Conservation in East Africa

Congratulations to Kenya Conservationist & ACC Founder, David Western On His New Book: We Alone


Congratulations to Kenya Conservationist and ACC Founder, David Western, on his new book: We Alone: How Humans Have Conquered the Planet & Can Also Save It.

This personal and thoughtful book by renowned Kenya conservationist David Western traces our global conquest from Maasai herders battling droughts in Africa to the technological frontiers of California. Western draws on a half century of research in the savannas and his own life’s journey to argue that conservation is not a modern invention. The success of all societies past and present lies in conservation practices, breaking biological barriers and learning to live in large cooperative groups able to sustain a healthy environment.

“Based on the knowledge accumulated over David Western’s colorful life, We Alone provides an insightful and honest summary of the harm we have inflicted on Planet Earth and what we should do to turn things around. This book provides much food for thought and I thoroughly recommend it.” 

— Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

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