Stories of Hope, Our Thanks & Happy New Year!

ACC Happy New Year Message with Animated Maasai Giraffe

Dear Friends & Partners of ACC,

While we faced unprecedented challenges in 2020 due to the pandemic, you—our loyal community—helped sustain and grow wildlife conservation programs that promote economic sustainability and resilient landscapes for people and nature. This interconnectedness of conservation and community is what ACC is all about. These stories below are highlights of your impact. Together we:

  • Launched an innovative research program to conserve the endangered Maasai giraffe of Southern Kenya;
  • Joined an inaugural cohort of WE Africa to transform leadership for the benefit of people, wildlife, and ecosystems across the continent and around the world;
  • Sustained Twala-Tenebo Cultural Centre, a vital women’s cooperative, that provides livelihood for over 200 members, as well as refuge and education for girls;
  • Embarked on a strategic planning process with Maliasili, reflecting on how we can be even more intentional and impactful in our work beyond 2020;
  • Supported Community Rangers at Rombo Conservancy who are the frontline of defense against wildlife poaching and human-wildlife conflict;
  • Educated 1,354 students from eight schools in Amboseli on community-based conservation at the year’s start and continued teaching 137 students in small groups during the pandemic;
  • Advised and supported the development of Amboseli’s Ecosystem Management and National Park Plans;
  • Attracted new interns and volunteers in the finance department, policy development, and communications outreach.

In 2020 we also made great strides in the conservation leadership arena with our Executive Director, Lucy Waruingi being selected to join an inaugural cohort of WE Africa, a program to transform leadership of women in conservation for the benefit of people, wildlife, and ecosystems across the continent and around the world.

We also celebrate John Kamanga, who was awarded Prince William’s 2020 Tusk Conservation Award in recognition of his outstanding stewardship of the South Rift Association of Landowners (SORALO). ACC was pivotal in creating SORALO in 2004 as a land trust that protects the free movement of both people and wildlife while exploring opportunities that promote co-existence and improve local livelihoods.

We are tremendously grateful for your generous support and look forward to a fresh new year of growth with you. Wishing you and your families great health & happiness in 2021.


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