“Art for Conservation” Program Featured in PRINT Magazine

We are excited to announce that the African Conservation Centre (ACC) has been featured in a recent article on Printmag.com. The article highlights our “Art for Conservation” program, which aims to inspire a passion for nature among Kenyan youth living near Amboseli National Park through watercolor painting workshops.

In the interview with Steven Heller for PRINT magazine, ACC’s program director, Deborah Ross, explains why art is such a wonderful way to excite youth about their natural environment. By teaching students how to draw and paint, Ross helps them see the wildlife and plants around them in new, more in-depth ways. Students also learn about the importance of conservation and ways they can get involved. We are grateful to Gigi Seasons for making this program possible.

In the article, our program director Deborah Ross discusses the impact of the program, saying “the children come alive when they are painting,” and that “it really expands their horizons and gives them a new appreciation for their environment.”

At ACC, our mission is to foster the integration of local, national and global efforts to promote the conservation of ecosystems and the coexistence of people and wildlife. We address threats to biodiversity in Kenya and Eastern Africa and promote collaborative conservation solutions to sustain biodiversity, culture, and community. We are proud to be part of a global community of organizations that use art as a tool for change. Through our “Art for Conservation” program and other initiatives, we are empowering local communities and promoting a brighter future for both people and the environment.

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