Noonkotiak Community Resource Centre

The Noonkotiak Community Resource Centre was officially allocated land by Olgulului Group Ranch in 2013 and launched by ACC and partners in March of 2016. The Centre is a knowledge sharing hub, a women empowerment centre and a research focal point for the entire Amboseli Ecosystem.

The Women Empowerment Project within the Centre will help to alleviate poverty and empower women. Currently, women in Kenya do the vast majority of agricultural work and livestock rearing and produce/market the majority of food. Only 29 percent of the women are earning a formal wage throughout the country, leaving a huge percentage of women to work in the informal sector without any federal support. The effect is severe with nearly 40 percent of household run solely by women, and because of a lack of fair income, nearly all these homes suffer from abject poverty. ACC and the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust worked with women near Noonkotiak to develop a cultural homestay tourism product that provides visitors with an opportunity for experiential cultural tourism that integrates wildlife viewing with the Maasai way of life.

Cultural Manyattas, Offices & Community Areas

Although the Centre is still very new, sixteen cultural manyattas are already in place including special guest rooms for homestays, water supply system and fencing of the boma. The Naga foundation from the Netherlands funded an electric fence around the Noongotiak Resource Centre through the Amboseli re-greening project to ensure the Centre is habitable and to pave the way to further developments. ACC, through the Royal Netherlands Embassy and Global Environmental Facility grant is also funding the establishment of the first phase of the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust offices and a community meeting room. Stay tuned as these and additional projects at Noonkotiak are developed!

Noongotiak's growth is funded in part by the Joshua Kirrinkol Memorial Fund.