Local Ocean Trust

Committed to the Protection of Kenya’s Marine Environment

Local Ocean Trust is a private, not for profit organisation committed to the protection of Kenya’s marine environment. They use practical conservation, community involvement and development, education, research and campaigning to promote the sustainable use of Kenya’s marine resources.

Watamu Turtle Watch is Local Ocean Trust’s flagship programme. It was started by local residents in 1997 to protect nesting sea turtles. Now it consists of the Nest Monitoring and Protection programme, ByCatch Release Programme, and specialist Rehabilitation Centre for sick and injured sea turtles. The combination of these programmes enables Local Ocean Trust to make a real difference in ensuring the future of endangered sea turtles.

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  • Nest Monitoring and Protection – We monitor and protect nesting female sea turtles, their nests and their hatchlings.
  • ByCatch Release – We work closely with local fishermen who accidentally catch turtles in their nets. They call us so we can tag and release these turtles saving them from drowning or slaughter.
  • Rehabilitation Centre – Sometimes turtles that come to us via our By Catch Release Programme are not fit enough to be released straight away. We bring them back to our specialist turtle rehabilitation centre, for medication and care until such time as they are strong enough to survive in the wild.
  • Community Outreach – We are always looking for ways to help our local community, especially when it comes to alternative income generating projects that take the pressure off already over exploited marine resources and dependency on tourism.
  • Conservation Education and Awareness – We work with community groups and local schools to raise awareness regarding conservation issues.
  • Data Collection and Research – We have several research programmes designed to monitor the sea turtle population and the environment they rely upon.

Adopt a Turtle!

You can adopt a turtle we have in rehabilitation centre or protect a nest on the beach. Why not adopt as a gift for family and friends? Turtles spending time in our rehabilitation centre need specialist care and medication. Local Ocean Trust will send you a certificate of your adoption, some information about your turtle and notify if we are able to release them back into the ocean. If you adopt a nest, they are able to protect it from poaching, and ensure the hatchlings safe passage to the sea. You will be notified when your nest has hatched and how many hatchlings there were.

Join Our Eco Visitor Programme!

We offer the opportunity to come and get involved with all aspects of our work. We are a not for profit organisation with a passion for protecting the Kenyan marine environment and simply would not be able to continue our valuable work without people who are willing to devote their time and effort to such a worthy cause. An Eco Visit with us is an experience you will treasure for a lifetime!