Adopt a Maasai Giraffe

Your contribution helps fund ACC's innovative conservation efforts to save this majestic endangered animal—a keystone species of East Africa's ecosystems.

Saving Elephants

The plight of elephants is dire. We invest in programs that reduce poaching, protect and expand migratory routes, and empower communities to conserve this keystone species.

Developing Livelihoods

We invest in communities developing sustainable enterprises related to ecotourism, nature-based products, crafts, rangeland and wildlife management, cultural heritage and environmental education.

Rebuilding Lion Prides

By combining the latest science with Maasai knowledge and participation, we are increasing lion numbers across the South Rift and decreasing human/lion conflicts.

Kenya's Natural Capital

Kenya's first Biodiversity Atlas is now available, offering a richly illustrated guide to the country's wealth of plant and animal life.

Investing in What Works: Community-Based Conservation

Conservation by, with and for communities is what community-based conservation is all about. We support the development of new approaches and institutions that achieve community-based management, strengthen capacity, and coordinate conservation activities among players.

Conserving Elephants, Lions & Ecosystems in East Africa

In addition to being magnificent animals that are in serious decline, elephants and lions play crucial roles in the way that their ecosystem functions. By focusing conservation efforts on these two keystone species, we have an opportunity to support the ecological and genetic viability of all other species in the ecosystem as well. ACC programs use science and indigenous knowledge to understand how these complex ecosystems function. Through their bioinformatics programs, they provide the information and mechanisms to help stakeholders make informed conservation decisions.

Developing Livelihoods, Educational Programs & Cultural Exchanges

We invest in communities living with wildlife to ensure they have the information and tools to continue to coexist with wildlife in a changing world. By supporting communities as they develop ecotourism businesses, nature-based products, crafts, rangeland and wildlife management methods, and cultural heritage & environmental education programs, we can improve livelihoods and save wildlife.

Where We Invest

The mission of African Conservation Center US is to support the African Conservation Centre (ACC) of Kenya and community-based initiatives to conserve wildlife in Africa. ACC’s work is focused primarily in four areas: the landscapes of Amboseli, Maasai Mara, Mukogodo and South Rift. These areas span the richest region of vertebrate diversity in Africa and include over a third of all Kenya’s wildlife.